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Things to do in Glaslough Village

Click here to download our 'Things to Do in Glaslough Village' Brochure. 

The name Glaslough is derived from the Irish translation ‘calm or green lake’. Our picturesque, magical village is located only 80 minutes from Dublin and 60 minutes from Belfast. It is situated off the N2 just 10 minutes north of Monaghan Town, 15 minutes from Armagh City and 5 minutes from Caledon.

Surrounded by ancient woodlands and glittering lakes, it is a village filled with impressive historical and architectural features, beautifully stone cut period buildings and a unique, vibrant and welcoming community.

Glaslough has something for everyone.  You'll find a host of spectacular attractions that will cater for your every wish including shopping, dining, pampering and relaxing or action packed activities for the more adventurous. 

Click here to download our 'Things to Do in Glaslough Village' Brochure.