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CLRE was founded by Sammy Leslie in 2002 as a sister company to Castle Leslie Estates which runs all hospitality activities on the Estate.

CLRE now has the following roles:

  • The restoration and regeneration of the entire Castle Leslie estate
  • The careful planning, building and sale of properties to fund the regeneration programme
  • Exploring similar projects with other Estate and land owners using the same regeneration model
  • Working with Glaslough Village and Monaghan County Council to support a sustainable future for the Village and Estate.

The Challenge was to bridge the dichotomy between the restoration of historic properties and property development. So often restoration and development are at odds with each other, we were determined to find a sensitive way to raise capital for the restoration of the estate and at the same time protect the integrity of the village and estate.    

The first building project was the natural extension of the historic village of Glaslough - the creation of the Village Cottages and Houses. Once the first houses were sold we were able to use all the profit from these sales along with grant and bank support to invest over 15 million Euro creating 160 jobs and securing the future of the Castle Leslie Estate. To complete the restoration and development of the entire estate over the next five years a similar building and re-investment programme is planned. 

Castle Leslie Real Estates was originally based in Sammy’s spare bedroom, and is now located in the new village with its own show rooms, meeting rooms and offices. The staff at CLRE has grown from one person to a capable and passionate team, who are committed to the restoration of Castle Leslie. Our offices are on the Main Street in Glaslough by the Village shop. Please feel free to call in for a cuppa!