Our Horses Welfare

Our horses’ welfare is of paramount importance to us at Castle Leslie Estate Equestrian Centre. Our aim is to provide an extremely high level of care to our horses and we work with a number of key suppliers including an equine chiropractor, equine dentist, farrier and vet. Below are more details on the suppliers we work with.

Ted McLaughlin – Equine Chiropractor

Ted McLaughlin is a complementary Animal Health Practitioner who specialises in providing natural solutions or a variety of musculoskeletal problems in horses. The primary treatment therapy used is Animal Chiropractic manipulation which is combined the integration of KI massage / Equine Touch where appropriate. Ted treats the horses at Castle Leslie Estate four times a year and is a very popular guest in the equestrian centre.

Carolyn Perkins – Equine Dentist

Ireland’s first veterinary practice dedicated to equine dentistry offering routine, advanced and referral dentistry services for horses. Carolyn Perkins MRCVS is Ireland’s only BAEDT qualified veterinary surgeon and dentist. Carolyn along with her team visit Castle Leslie Estate twice a year. Carolyn carries out all routine work with the horses.

Shane Cullen – Farrier

Shane Cullen has been shoeing at Castle Leslie Estate for over 17 years. Shane started as an apprentice farrier here and now visits the yard every Thursday. Shane Cullen does a variety of corrective shoeing on some of the horses as well as shoeing everyone hot. Shane and his family also ride at Castle Leslie Estate and enjoy a good spin around the cross country.

Donncha Houlihan MVB MRCVS

Donncha Houlihan works with a variety of horses here at Castle Leslie Estate. Donncha completes all routine equine veterinary services and also caters for horses that have more complex cases. Donncha has state of the art equipment which allows us to be assured that diagnoses and treatment will be performed at a high level.

Annaghmore Saddlery

One of Ireland’s leading saddle fitters, Annaghmore Saddlery visit the yard three times a year to get the correct fitting saddle for each and every horse at Castle Leslie Estate. Annaghmore Saddlery also repairs all tack that is needed to be repaired.


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