Greener Sustainable Tourism

‘Sustainable Tourism’ is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy. Here at Castle Leslie Estate we’re a working example of sustainable tourism through our measures to protect, restore and give back to our local community. We are always seeking environmentally friendly options to help the planet. Click here to read more about our ‘Greener Sustainable Tourism’

Furthermore, we have introduced compostable cups on the estate and the artwork was designed by our local primary school. In doing so, we are helping our guests to also help the environment. This cup will cut back on 7500-10000 non-compostable cups each year for us. In addition to the new cups, we have just launched our bio-degradable straw initiative where we will be using straws made from what is essentially ground seashells.

We are delighted to have been granted the ECO-Label Certificate as members of Green Hospitality. Click here to see our official certificate.

We have significantly reduced our carbon emissions following a switch to BioLPG, a renewable gas exclusively available from Calor.  BioLPG reduces emissions by up to 90% which means a significant reduction in carbon emissions for us making a real difference to the environment.

Our CEO, Brian Baldwin, explains the rationale for switching to BioLPG:

“We are proud of our reputation and always aim to give our visitors the high standard of service and comfort that they expect. It is important to us to give them a warm welcome and our energy management is an essential contributor to this. We use Calor BioLPG to help us provide comfortable surroundings, exceptional facilities and renowned cuisine. We are delighted to be the first hotel in Ulster to make the move to Calor BioLPG renewable energy and this has enabled us to further commit to our ethos of sustainability. It is a perfect fit for our business.”


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