World Mental Health Day – “Walk in my Shoes”.

This Sunday 10th October is World Mental Health Day. St Patrick’s Mental Health Services has organised a ‘Walk in My Shoes’ and are inviting people nationwide to put on their “brightest, finest funky shoes and step out into nature to walk for your wellbeing”.  Getting outdoors is not only good for our physical health, but helps to clear our minds, be present and mindful, and notice the lovely natural world around us. Whether it’s a stroll in your local park, a favourite scenic walk, or even a hike, getting outside is a great way to ease the stresses of everyday life. We feel blessed to be … [Read more...]

Autumn at Castle Leslie Estate

Today is the first day of Autumn, and for many of us it's our favourite time on estate. It is a beautiful time to admire our 1,000 acres.  With the leaves changing from green to red, it is a very special time of year as the temperature cools and the days get shorter. Castle Leslie Estate is the absolute perfect place to escape to for a short Autumn break. Our open spaces are just ripe for an early morning excursion. It’s worth getting up early for the autumn mist alone... after a hearty breakfast of course! There is no doubt that the reds, golden-yellows and browns in our woodlands at this … [Read more...]

Summer BBQ Ideas

Our Executive Chef, Aaron Duffy has some really tasty BBQ ideas for you to enjoy this summertime... The key to any good BBQ is a decent size BBQ as you don’t want to be back and forth in the kitchen relying on your oven to help out. BBQ food is quick, easy and full of flavour! The day prior, I would recommend making all your salads and desserts along with any homemade juices!  In addition, you should marinade any meat as this will add extra flavour to your dishes. Firstly, have your table set up and arrange your salads along with any additional breads or dips on the table. Nice rustic … [Read more...]

Easter Recipes

  Leg of Irish Lamb and Hassleback Potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic Ingredients (Serves 6) • 1 3-4kg Irish Lamb leg • 18 Medium sized New Potatoes • Rosemary • 1 Bulb Garlic • Rind Of 1 lemon • 100g Irish Butter Method • Preheat the oven to 160°C/gas mark 3 Method • To prepare the lamb, cut 8 small holes into the upper, fleshy part of the leg. Push the garlic cloves, rosemary sprigs into the holes, equally distributing the ingredients across the meat. • For the Potatoes irst, prep the potatoes. Put them, one at a time, onto a wooden spoon and starting at one end, cut … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day

      Happy International Women’s Day!! We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight all of the amazing work that our owner Sammy Leslie does. She’s a pioneering businesswoman and the guardian of Castle Leslie Estate. The Estate is one of only a few still in the hands of its founding family who have lived here since 1665. Sammy returned home to run the estate with her siblings in 1991 at the age of 24. At a time when all border areas were affected by the Troubles and much of the 350-year-old Estate had fallen into disrepair, Sammy took up the reins, starting up her … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach but we say a way to ANYONE'S heart is through their stomach!  During this pandemic, it goes without saying that there's a huge number of us who are spending a lot more time in the kitchen and surprising ourselves with the wonderful dishes were are creating and baking!! Well, as it's Valentine's Day, we thought we'd give you some recipe inspiration for treating your loved one to some delicious homemade dishes including some indulgent desserts! Our Head Chef has made these suggestions for the perfect at-home dining experience; For … [Read more...]