Meet The Horses

Two Tone

One of everyone’s favourites at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre. Two Tone enjoys life and hacking around the Estate. Two Tone is a very kind horse and excels at everything. Two Tone is 17hh and is used for beginners to advanced riders.


Charlie is a little cheeky and enjoys lots of treats. Charlie is 15.2hh and is 7 years old. Charlie is mainly used for jumping and he is a flying armchair out on cross country.


Wellie is used for dressage. Wellie is 17 years old and comes with a wealth of experience. Wellie is 16.2hh and one of the best dressage horses at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre.


One of our client’s favourites, Domino is 15hh and enjoys hacking with a few jumps along the way!!!


Melanie is a 13.2hh skewbald mare, a little cheeky but everyone loves her. Melanie has been at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre for two years and is becoming a favourite with the children that ride on a Saturday. Melanie is used for every level but she does enjoy the odd fast hack!

Henry IV

Henry is the latest edition to Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre. Henry is just 5 years old and he is broken for riding the carriage. Currently staff members Lizzie and Chris are learning how to drive him. A very handsome horse with great character.


Summer is an 8 year old chestnut mare and is 17.2hh. Summer excels at jumping but is used for beginners through to advanced riders.


Bumble is another one of our stars at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre and is 16hh. Bumble enjoys hacking and jumping at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre.


Betty is a firm favourite with the younger children. Betty is 6 years old and enjoys life at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre. Betty is 14.2hh and was broken in by the staff at the Equestrian Centre and now enjoys doing hacking, cross country and lessons.


One of the advanced horses at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre, Blue is a firm favourite and excels at dressage, show jumping and cross country. Blue is 15.3hh, enjoys his work and is a nice forward going ride.


Wilson is an Irish Draught and is one of our larger weight carrying horses. Named after the gentleman we bought him from, Wilson has worked at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre for several years and is 17.2hh. Wilson enjoys hacking, jumping and is a laid back character who also enjoys eating!!


Tigger is a chestnut gelding and enjoys jumping. Tigger has a great temperament and enjoys cross country and jumping. Tigger is 14.2hh.


Another of our school masters at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre, Jessica has nothing to learn. Jessica a 15.2hh piebald mare enjoys jumping, flatwork and hacking. Jessica is just recently back to work after injury.


This 17hh flying armchair came to Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre one year ago. Arnie who worked in previous stables loves to go cross country. Arnie is a school master and he too enjoys cantering through the lake at Castle Leslie Estate. Owner Sammy Leslie enjoys riding Arnie from time to time.


As the name suggests, this is one of our smaller ponies at 13.2hh. Squirt is a black mare who was bought last year. Squirt is used for the more advanced children and enjoys jumping. Squirt enjoys competing and is certainly a popular pony with our competitive riders.


Ebony is a black 14.2hh cob gelding and he enjoys hacking and pony games. Ebony has been at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre for several years and he enjoys treats and also cantering through the lake. Staff member Kathryn loves Ebony and often rides him as lead horse.


Murray is a 14.2hh Connemara gelding. Murray is one of the ponies at the Equestrian Centre who gives children confidence. Murray loves to hack and his best friend is Ebony.


Traveller is 15.2hh piebald gelding. Traveller has hunted for most of his life and excels at cross country. Traveller is certainly a flying armchair.


Jigsaw a 14.2hh skewbald mare who loves to jump has worked at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre for several years. Jigsaw takes part in the popular pony camps during the summer and also enjoys hacking and cross country.


One of the younger members of the team, Blueberry is used for the advanced riders. Blueberry is an Irish Draught and is 16.2hh.


Percy is 8 years old and comes from Caledon Estate. Percy is 15.2hh and used for dressage and flat-work. Percy enjoys his work at Castle Leslie Equestrian Centre and also enjoys hacking in the woodland. Percy is a firm favourite among the staff and guests at Castle Leslie Estate.


Buddy is 14 years old and a pony. Buddy loves jumping around Castle Leslie and is used for the younger clients at Castle Leslie!! He also enjoys lots of carrots.



Samson is 8 years old and is around 17.hh. Samson is certainly a flying armchair. He enjoys going for hacks and really loves trotting through the Glaslough Lake. Samson has settled in really well to Castle Leslie Estate and is already a firm favourite with our guests.


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