Ode to horsey holidays

By Jenny Richardson BHSAI, Castle Leslie Estate’s Business Manager

The time has come to book a trip; enhance your riding skills!

A beach, a plain, or training base with undulating hills?

At Castle Leslie, fun is key, with so much here to do.

Walking, angling, outdoor fun and some horse riding too.

“I want a break, to canter fast, improve my skills,” she sighed.

“A training venue sounds just right – I really want to ride!”

We boast a home-from-home resort, if your home’s a great estate.

Castle luxury at every turn, and service that’s just great.

The lodge, the castle, riding school, an experience sublime.

We guarantee a trip with us will give you the best time.

Ireland’s revered destination is one many guests know well.

Welcoming and opulent; a glorious hotel.

For riders, it’s your paradise, with elite cross country course.

What better way to explore the woods than on a trusty horse?

A hearty breakfast is the best start when the guests awake.

And then a lovely Estate ride, with views of the grand lake.

Our trusted horses will take care, so you don’t take a paddle…

Instead, a cooling ride through water while ensconced in the saddle.

If leisure riding is your thing, then grab your hat and tack.

It’s time to explore Castle Leslie’s land, with a long hack.

So if vacations sound the best with whinnies and a neigh,

Why not try Castle Leslie, for a memorable holiday?