The Leslie Foundation

The Leslie Foundation is a new charity established to deliver social, economic, and philanthropic benefits to the region for future generations.

Over the last 30 years Samantha Leslie has worked tirelessly to turn a crumbling country estate into a vibrant economic asset that now delivers multiple benefits to the region. Castle Leslie supports over 200 jobs and around 100 local businesses.

Unsurprisingly Sammy’s innovation and passion for the place continues with this next step. The Foundations purpose is to help unlock a ground-breaking series of projects and acts of philanthropy to allow the Castle Leslie Estate to continually serve the region in perpetuity in innovative ways over the next 100 years.

We cannot do this alone. You can help us deliver this tremendous benefit to the region.

The Leslie Foundation has been established to ensure that the wide social and economic benefits created by Castle Leslie and currently enjoyed by the region will continue and expand for generations to come.

The transition from a commercial operation and an individual’s passion to a philanthropic Foundation will require time and effort. The goal to create benefit to the region forever is however well worth the effort.

In addition to economic and philanthropic benefit we want to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of Irish cultural and natural heritage considered to be outstanding value to the humanity. Our priorities are – people, place, planet and peace.

We are passionate about playing our part in regenerative tourism to offer a framework that departs from overconsumption and leans towards sustainable tourism to create an abundance for all stakeholders embedding conservation, communities, culture in our future. Our goal is to become a Knowledge Hub to collate, structure, and disseminate this knowledge and findings with others.


Our Current Projects


Unlocking the donation – There is a huge amount of legal and technical work involved behind the scenes to make the transfer to a charity possible.


The Badia Di San Sebastiano, Lazio, Italy – Sir Jack Leslie understood that the Foundation would need help to get started. Upon his death the Badia passed to the Foundation. We are looking for a new appropriate owner for this special place. This will in turn generate funds to support the Foundations work in Ireland.


Biodiversity and Rewilding – This project will be a flagship for rewilding in Ireland. Working in partnership with 3 estates, the project aims to become an exemplar of rewilding principles in practice and a pilot rewilding project on over 300 acres that will inspire and inform others. Rewilding will create the conditions for ecosystems evoking those of the ancient Kingdom of Oriel to re-emerge, recover and flourish in a changing environment.


Developing the regional tourism offering – We are working with Failte Ireland and Monaghan County Council to contribute to the region’s tourism development strategy.


How can you help?

If you would like to hear more about our projects or contribute in any way, please get in touch at

Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20151393​



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