The most common riding mistakes

Our Head Trainer Jenny Richardson BHSAI highlights the most common riding mistakes we ALL make!


A rider who loses his or her own balance will compromise the balance of the horse, which will affect the horse’s way of going. Whether riding a simple upward or downward transition, or over jumps, imbalance may create one or more of the following problems: hollowing, wobbling, the wrong bend, the wrong canter lead, running or leaning.

(2)An insecure position

Ensure your position is central, straight and fluid, so that you move as one with the horse, and not in any way against him. Simple pointers like not looking down, keeping upright shoulders and maintaining the stirrups on the balls of the feet, with heels down, are the perfect foundations for horse riding harmony!

(3)Looking down at jumps

If your head lowers, your shoulders and hands will also drop forwards and down. This may cause the horse to run on to his forehand, rather than sitting on his hocks ready to take on the fence. Remember – the best way to judge your take off point is to focus on the highest point of the jump!

(4)The pace

Rhythm is everything in any discipline. In dressage, the judges are looking for balanced, expressive, big movements, and in a jumping competition the course builder is asking you to jump from a medium to forward canter, especially as the fences get bigger. It is important to train at home in the same canter as that required in the ring.

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