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The name Glaslough is derived from the Irish translation ‘calm or green lake’, the picturesque, magical village which is located just outside Castle Leslie Estate in County Monaghan.

Surrounded by ancient woodlands and glittering lakes, it is a village filled with impressive historical and architectural features, beautifully stone cut period buildings and a unique, vibrant and welcoming community.

Glaslough has something for everyone. You’ll find a host of spectacular attractions that will cater for your every wish including shopping, dining, pampering and relaxing or action packed activities for the more adventurous. The choice is yours. Get a taste of everything Glaslough has to offer.

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Download the Glaslough Village Heritage Trail App

Glaslough – one village, two voices. Download the Glaslough – one village, two voices audio trail app for free, an official visitor guide developed by Monaghan County Council in Ireland’s Ancient East.

This app offers a free self-guided visitor experience, starting in the heart of Glaslough village at The Diamond, following a 2 kilometre trail around ten fascinating points of interest before ending the tour at Saint Salvator’s church in Castle Leslie Estate.

In less than a couple of hours you will hear why this village is so distinctive, as stories about the villagers and the Leslie family are all unravelled, revealing a unique relationship that has flourished in this most striking of ancient landscapes. And because this village has been both host and home to many famous people that include, Dukes and Politicians, Actresses and French Nuns as well as Rock Stars, Footballers and Dancers each place along the trail has its own story of life in the village and the estate. This app will also provide you with plenty of local information such as others places to visit, go exploring, get something to eat and drink or to stop over, just by tapping into the travel guide section.

After quickly accessing the app, over WiFi, there is no need for a live data connection as everything is stored on your phone after the initial download. This also means you won’t be charged for potentially expensive data roaming.

Thank you and enjoy spending time in Ireland’s Ancient East.

This app offers a free self-guided visitor experience.

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